Aircon servicing company in Singapore

We are the trusted aircon servicing company in Singapore. We specializes in all kind of air conditioning and repair that your AC requires at times. In fact, we are offering top notch air conditioning services from years with aim to give our customers quality assurance. We have a skilled team that make use of reliable and effective methods to end up with perfect results. We clearly understand that each of the customer needs are different so we deal each one of them accordingly.

Range of Our Aircon Servicing:

We offer our clients with diverse range of aircon services. Our expert team know each and everything related to air conditioner so without any further thoughts you can come to us if your AC has any issues. Hana aircon that is one of the best aircon servicing company in Singapore offers you variety of services like;

  • Normal Basic Service:

In this we service your air conditioner without making any discomfort or mess for you. Getting this service is potential for you to boost the performance of your unit and let you enjoy ultimate level of comfort.

  • Aircon Chemical Overhaul:

Being a part of Singapore means that you are constantly dealing with hot tropical climate. You will experience days of extreme sunshine that makes it uncomfortable for you. In this regard, chemical overhaul for your aircon becomes important. It is a deep cleaning process ensures you that you can use your AC unit for longer time.

  • AC Chemical Wash:

This aircon service includes deep chemical wash to your unit. This helps you in resolving any of the water leaks or bad odor from your unit. To perk up your life, we offer you this miraculous way to boost your AC performance.

  • Replacement of Parts:

After checking your AC unit if found that any of the part is not working and needed to be removed so we will replace that for you. In fact, we offer you replacing any kind of aircon part if needed. This makes sure that you have a smooth working air conditioner around you.

  • Troubleshooting:

If your AC Has some issues but you are unable to know what it is then we are here to troubleshoot it. We are expert to troubleshoot air conditioners of different brands to let you know what is actually happening.

  • VRV System:

Do you know that there is just a minimum amount of energy needed for an aircon system to maintain its set temperature? Yes this is the case and if your aircon system does not do that then here we are offering you VRV system to let you have good cooling around you.

  • Gas Top Up:

There are times when everything is fine with your AC but still it does not do enough cooling. It is because it needs gas top up. Our gas top up service enables you to have fresh and cool indoor environment.

  • Aircon Installation:

If you get a new unit and want that installed then here we are again for your help. Our experts will come to you for your aircon installation in Singapore.

Hana aircon servicing company in Singapore gives you the benefit of aircon maintenance with any AC service you get. There are all the benefits you get from us.

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HanaAircon has always helped maintain my aircon clean. You will not regret using it!

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I just called today for servicing my aircon from HanaAircon and I was impressed with their professionalism



Love their services and was so amazed with the support and the cleanliness. HanaAircon is awesome.


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