Aircon Gas Top Up

If you notice that your air conditioners is not cooling the same as before then most probably you need to top up your AC refrigerant. Our maintenance package includes fixing leaks and charge of your refrigerant storage. We have a team of highly skilled technicians who are always ready to serve you for gas top up and any kind of AC issue in Singapore.

Refrigerant Working in an Air Conditioner:

Without refrigerant in your AC, there will be no cooling to the air. AC has a type of gas known as refrigerant that penetrates the indoor air heat via copper coils and change it into liquid form in conditions of high pressure outside the air conditioner. The fan system within it blows out hot outdoor air over the cooling units that leads to the release of cool foggy vapor back inside the house and gives top level of comfort.

After this, the refrigerant gets cooled and changes back into a low pressure gas. There is one more fan within the unit that blows air over the cold coils for the distribution of cool and refreshing feeling all over the area or building.

Most of the time, the cooling chemical within the refrigerant of the AC does not get used all over the life of the unit. However, there are times when the refrigerant storage leaks and the chemical gets out of it eventually making the container empty.

The AC specialist begins with dealing the damage that leaks the substance that leads to topping up to fill the repaired container with cooling gas.

This is the process that keeps the cooling process consistent for the air conditioner. Hana aircon does the job efficiently alongside it offers you aircon gas top up price Singapore very reasonable that won’t break your bank.

Importance of Checking and Topping up Gas:

Gas leaks to the air conditioning units directly impacts over the efficiency of unit. As you noticed that your room is not getting cold like before, the compressor also does not benefit from the cooling effect of the gas that leads to overheat and fail.

The evaporating coils gets the cold gas from the refrigerant and evaporator stops working when the refrigerant is not getting cold. The refrigerant chemical leaking from the aircon unit is hazardous for the environment if it reaches the water system.

Following this, it is vital to get help with a licensed aircon servicing company to check the level of gas in your AC and fix if there are any gas leakage issues. Consider getting help from the most reputable company like Hana aircon as it would be best for you and your unit.

Types of Gas for AC Top Up:

In the previous times, Freon was the highly selected gas type used in the aircon unit all over the world. However, now there are certain chemical alternatives that get used as refrigerants in the new aircon models. Here are the two most popular AC gas used nowadays.

  1. R22 Gas:

Hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) is the chemical gas that is said to be as R22. It is a chemical type that if gets released to the environment end up with affecting the ozone layer. Now its use is getting phased out all around the world with countries banning this gas usage in the production of AC units.

For the units that still consumes the R22 gas, is the great coolant for the AC units. Manufacturers made use of R22 is because of its low compressor displacement. This means that the compressor is liable to cool down the air more effectively alongside consuming less power to cool down the incoming air.

Also, this gas helps in penetrating water that gets produced in between the cooling process a bit far from the refrigerant system. It is important to keep the refrigerant part away from the water as it effects its operation.

R22 refrigerant is now one of the most expensive chemical when it is the point about replacement for your AC. Now it is sold on a per pound basis which definitely costs more than hundreds of dollar. On a low level, this proves to be the costly refrigerant.

  1. R410 Gas

This refrigerant is the new thing that is getting used by the AC manufacturers. Puron is the popular brand when the point is about this chemical. Its cooling efficiency is same as the R22 but it is not dangerous for the environment.

The storage of R410 within the AC is quite easier. It is because quite low amount of chemical is required for the production of same cooling level. This of the gas is economical choice for the manufacturers because they have a lot of design options for the AC units.

This refrigerant works under high pressure that makes it long lasting coolant. Also, it transfers heater in a better way in comparison to the R22 that means that’s overheating will not be the issue with the use of this AC system. The owners of AC can boost up to this R410 refrigerant if they want to enjoy the benefits of this chemical.

A jug of R410 refrigerant will be weigh for almost 25 pounds in the market and its cost will be approx. $75 per pound. If you are buying this, then must assure that you get in touch with a professional service technician for the upgrade or replacement.

Checking and Toping Up Aircon Gas:

Only a reputable and professional aircon specialist is able to do safely and perfectly the top up of your aircon. Our Aircon specialist offers reasonable Aircon gas top up price in Singapore with top-notch service.

They make use of a gauge for checking the level of refrigerant within your AC unit. It makes them determine the level of gas that is required to get filled within your refrigerant storage. They use refrigerant tank for charging up gas into your aircon unit so it ends up taking back the gas levels to normal.

Also, this gets tested again and again with the use of gas gauge to assure that your AC has enough refrigerant inside. The best reputable aircon specialist make use of the accurate gas type for refilling the storage of your refrigerant. Keep in mind that using R410 tank on R22 tank will not be safe at all and vice versa.

Besides this part, the quality technician also recommended you about the repairs to your refrigerant unit if needed to not make it leak anymore.

How Often Should You Top Up Your Aircon Gas?

Most of the time, you need to call trusted aircon services for your AC gas top up in every 1 to 3 years . Regardless, there are people who decide to top up their gas in every six months. Miniscule leaks could be the reason behind this as it is unavoidable in all the AC units. Keep in mind that this is not important until your AC technician find out the refrigerant storage unit is totally empty in 6 months. Hana aircon specialist check on the pressure. Maybe they find the pressure fall after 6 months but it’s something normal.

Call Hana Aircon Services for Your AC Gas Top Up:

We have an expert team of AC services in Singapore that assures you to help you in your AC system taking it back to its normal conditions. Our years of experience enables us to deal with several aircon servicing that could be repairing, maintenance, etc. We have goals set to satisfy our customers by knowing their needs and wants for their aircon system. Another of the reason to come to us is that our aircon gas top up price Singapore is very affordable that everyone can easily afford it.