Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Aircon chemical cleaning Singapore is the popular services all over the country because it cleans your AC unit deeply. It is popular because Singapore is a hot country and most of the places have big and small aircon units.

The aircon chemical wash is an effective method to keep your AC working in optimum conditions with maximum level of efficiency. It is a great way to fix an aircon not getting cold enough issue. At Hana Aircon, we provide aircon cleaning services Singapore that makes you get rid of all the stubborn dirt and debris from your unit in quite affordable charges.

Regular chemical wash to your AC that is non-dismantle cleaning makes use of a safe formula chemical for your appliance. In fact, it does not dismantling the entire aircon unit. The aircon chemical overhaul disassemble the whole unit offering maximum cleaning solution.

Aircon Chemical Cleaning:

Aircon chemical cleaning Singapore or chemical overhaul is simply a method that make use of certain cleaners made from certain chemicals for the restoration and recondition of your AC unit.

For instance; if you are using your AC for the past 3 to 4 years and it does not cause any issues. Also, you did not consider doing any proper servicing and maintenance to your unit all through those years, so this makes your unit have a lot of dirt, debris, oil and dust all over it.

To cope up with this, we recommend you to go for disassembling the electronic control and the evaporator coil of your AC. After this, clean every part of your AC with the use of a certain chemical that takes away all the dirt. This also ends up cleaning the unit, letting you have cool air and boosting the quality of air in your environment. Our highly skilled professionals offers you thorough aircon chemical cleaning Singapore supporting several AC brands.

The Aircon Chemical Cleaning Includes the following thing;

  • Dismantling electronic control only for chemical control
  • Disassembling the evaporator coil, fan motor, fan bearing and blower wheel.
  • Taking out the drainage pipe
  • Washing and cleaning with chemicals the evaporating coil and all other components.
  • Drying out and then vacuuming the drainage.
  • Checking up the thermostat.
  • Testing and commissioning the whole system.
  • Gas top-up and final check-up.

Benefits of Getting Aircon Chemical Cleaning

If you are not handling your aircon well then it lifespan will be reduced alongside making you do hefty repairs. Also, it increase your electricity bills. You never want this to happen so get it maintained and cleaned regularly for optimum performance. Here are some of the benefits of aircon cleaning services Singapore.

  1. Removal of Dust and Debris:

The chemical solution used for cleaning are potent enough to breakdown the tough dirt that is accumulated into the AC unit for years. It gets cleaned that in inside the unit with years of working with zero maintenance or being off for constantly years. This chemical cleaning process makes your AC get rid of dust, particles, and all the other harmful bacteria even if it’s tightest and smallest within the pipes and the evaporator coil. The chemical wash boosts up the airflow of your AC unit too.

  1. Thorough Cleaning of AC Components

Getting our chemical service for your aircon cleans out your AC components like evaporator coil, compressor, drain pan, fan bearings and condenser unit. It means that we allows you to have a full cleaning services of your daily use appliance regardless if it’s residential or office. This detailed cleaning ends up extending the functioning life of your appliance. Cleaning this makes it operate with maximum efficiency eliminating the chances of wear and tear.

  1. Checking The Condition of Parts:

The chemical wash service by Hana aircon includes checkup of the damages to your air conditioner. As the technician open the unit and remove most of its part, so they also look properly and let you know if there are any damages or holes causing it leak or improper functioning.

  1. Low Maintenance Cost:

After getting thorough aircon cleaning services Singapore, your regular maintenance cost will get lower. This will make it perform at optimal level of efficiency. It does not need to work hard for producing cold air for your room eliminating the use of energy and saving your money. Each of the AC component get checked alongside maintaining every part of it.

Why Choose Hana Aircon for Chemical Cleaning?

Here are the reason why you should come to us for your aircon chemical overhaul.

  • We have leading technicians with years of experience in the field
  • We provide you with instant aircon services without waiting you a lot
  • We make sure to fix your issues 100%
  • We specialize in troubleshooting the issues of your aircon water leakage
  • We do free follow up for our aircon services within one week
  • We guarantee you for our workmanship for a time being
  • We assure to provide you with safe chemical overhaul that eliminates bacterial within your units

Call Hana Aircon for The Best Aircon Chemical Overhaul:

Here at Hana aircon you will find the most reasonable price package for the chemical cleaning services in Singapore. Alongside, we make you sure that our services will be top-notch with zero compromise on the quality. We have all the highly skilled specialist in the field that makes your air conditioner work at optimal level.

Besides this, while cleaning if we found any issue in your AC, we repair that too alongside checking it thoroughly. Our core aim is to satisfy our customers and for this we make sure to listen, understand and follow them. In fact, we end up making most of our customers happy and satisfied in the end.

We are one of the most reliable and trusted aircon servicing company in Singapore having years of expertise. We do not just know about chemical overhaul but we know and offer other aircon services too. In this regard, getting in touch for your AC servicing in Singapore to Hana aircon will not disappoint you at all.