Commercial Aircon Installation Servicing

We offer our customers with top-end level of commercial and industrial air conditioning services. Regardless of whatever you need, installation, maintenance, repairing or cleaning, we are the one for you to call in Singapore. We provide you with a good range of services for most of the commercial AC brands. We have quality team that is fine enough for your commercial aircon servicing Singapore with quality assurance. We guarantee our work because of the workmanship warranty for every job we do.

There is no doubt that air conditioning maintenance is highly important for all the business. If you do not want to get into the hassle of major AC issues like it stops working so get it service every four month. This is a great help for your AC unit to last longer without any issues.

Maintenance of Commercial Air Conditioning:

Getting your air conditioned maintained regularly will help keeping its functionality efficient at 95% for good amount of time. Our commercial aircon servicing Singapore provides you with yearly maintenance and repairing for big commercial buildings and offices to keep the cooling system run perfectly. We have all the well trained technicians for commercial aircon installation. They are reliable enough for entrusting all the components connection inside the building. In between the commercial aircon installation, the size of the AC unit maters and it gets determined for surety of operation efficiency.

Types of Commercial Air Conditioning System:

All the commercial air conditioners offers different kind of features and functions. Keep in mind to carefully note the brand and model you are choosing. For this, it is recommended to do a bit of research on your own for the merits and demerits of different commercial AC brands. This way you can find the best for your office.

Here are a few types of commercial aircon system used;

  • Cassette AC Servicing:

  • This kind of AC units get mounted to the ceilings of the buildings and make use of two or mode sides for the circulation of cool air all around the room. Cassette are different from the wall-mounted slit system because they gets installed in the spaced that do not work for other AC system types like the attic having low ceiling height.

    The cassette AC unit has dual sets of cooling devices that gives enough comfort all around the year without getting bulky. Its indoor components gets placed on the ceiling to let it distribute cool air all around easily.

  • Centralized Ducted AC Servicing:

  • These are the AC systems that enables the air cooling from a central location in the entire building and then it spread it to all around. This type of commercial AC unit has its own unique qualities but definitely it requires regular maintenance similar to any HVAC installation system.

    These centralized ducted units are efficient for the noise alongside providing great deal of cooling being out of sight and sound. To make it perform at optimal level needs regular maintenance.

  • VRV and VRF AC Servicing:

  • These both, VRV and VRF air conditions are quite same for the technical design it has. To deal the issues of these of your AC units we come and inspect your entire current setup and make decision with the best possible solution that boosts performance and efficiency of your system.

    These are the most efficient systems due to their energy saving features with high power to volume ratios as their size is small.

  • Multi Split AC Servicing:

  • This of the AC system is same as the normal split type but it has 9 indoor units. This system has the ability to split into different zones. It ends up being more efficient for electricity without reducing the comfort level. This versatility allows you to connect to almost 9 air conditioners all around the building letting each room having its own temperature control.

    This kind of connectivity allows the company to install the AC units in different office spaces that leads to saving money and space as this unit does not need large rooms.

Points To Know While Choosing an Office Aircon Servicing Singapore:

Never take office aircon servicing Singapore lightly as there are several things included. You should give good time to list the pros and cons of different systems and then choose one for your office.

Here are a few points that you should consider while choosing an office aircon servicing Singapore.

  • Ensure to create conductive environment for you and your workers. The best way to do is to get quality aircon unit.
  • Note that you need to buy a unit that is potential enough to produce best air quality. It is important to keep the environment healthy.
  • Some appliances and devices work better in cool atmosphere. So get a reliable aircon for your office to make your technology work better.

Choose Hana Aircon Servicing Singapore:

Are you in search of a trusted and reliable air conditioner specialist that gives you high quality commercial aircon services? If yes then go nowhere else than Hana aircon servicing company in Singapore. We offer you a variety of aircon commercial services. We make sure to satisfy our clients to the core doing things following their ways.