Aircon Installation Singapore

For sure you all know that the climate of Singapore is hot and most of the commercial areas and homes are air-conditioned. Following this, if you are also going to get air conditioned installed then you need to know a few important things before getting into the job.

Here at Hana aircon, we have a team of specialized technicians who helps you with everything from the quality of aircon installation to the final budget you set for everything. Also, they help you considering the location for your aircon need that is residential or commercial.

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Points to Consider before getting Your Aircon Installed:

Getting an AC unit installed is not something really easy. It is highly advisable that homeowners should do proper research on their own before beginning their aircon installation. Going thorough this aircon installation process will help you in the entire process of installation regardless of the location, home or office. Take a look below, mentioning some of the points that you should consider before beginning your AC installation.

  1. Size and Location of the Room:

The room where you are going to get an AC installed is as important as the AC itself. The location and the size of the room highly influence the specific points that you should know while buying an aircon unit. The cooling capacity of the aircon gets determines with the standard BTU i.e. British Thermal Unit rating. The total BTUs needed for your room gets calculated by multiplying the total square foot of the area by 35. For instance, the area of 150 square foot will need to have 5000 BTUs for an aircon installation. Warming areas like kitchen or living room exposed to sun definitely needed extra BTUs for proper cooling.

  1. Types of Air Conditioner:

Selecting the most suiting aircon that is according to your requirements is quite important to consider before beginning the installation work. You should take some help from a professional and a recommended aircon installer Singapore . Here are a few types of aircon that are considerable for your residential or commercial space;

  • Room Air Conditioner: This is the cheapest option as it only last for 10 to 15 years. But it is also the highly known cooling system all over the Singapore available in the most reasonable price. However, you need to be sure that you are getting it installed properly by a trusted AC installer. This will avoid any issues like leakages or something else.
  • Evaporative Cooler: This is another option that you can go for as it has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. It is a great option for the people living in certain dry areas. This is the air conditioning type that adds moisture to the air and this is not similar to the regular air conditioning unit. Following this as it has extra features so the evaporative cooler needs additional maintenance.
  • Central Air Conditioners: These are the type of air conditioner that is usually a part of commercial places in Singapore. It has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Note that this kind of aircon installation price in Singapore would be costly because it includes hacking of walls and ductwork. Undoubtedly, this type of air cooling system provides cost effectiveness keeping the temperature constant all over the space.
  1. Electric Use and Cost of AC:

This is another factor that you need to consider while getting AC installed. The climate of Singapore is really warm and it gets impossible to survive without turning on the AC. Before beginning to get your aircon installation, note that the average AC unit consumes ten times more electricity in comparison to your regular fan. To prevent paying high electricity bills you can consider AC with EER i.e. Energy Efficiency Ratio. This will help you in saving 10% on your electric bills.

  1. Consider a Recommended Aircon Installer:

After considering all the above mentioned points, now is the time for aircon installation. For this, you should consider any of the recommended aircon installer Singapore. Here pricing would be another important factor to be considered. However, be sure that you are getting your installation done from a trusted and professional aircon servicing company stay away from issues.

Mistakes To Avoid While Aircon Installation:

Whenever you get your AC installed there are a few mistakes that commonly happens. It mostly happens when you don’t consider a reputable aircon servicing company. However, take a look below to know about those mistakes so you can avoid while your AC getting installed.

  • Wrong aircon size would be a big issue as it won’t suit the room you are getting it installed in. Before buying, take proper room measurements to buy certain type of air conditioner.
  • Another of the mistake is that while AC installation there is no surety for security for the AC. Both the window and wall AC needs to have basic support on its sides and beneath it.
  • Window AC most of the times requires filled insulation foams to cover the open spaces after it after installation. Similarly for the ductless spilt ACs, proper size of ducts are needed according to the load of circulation. Improper insulation can end up causing problems.
  • No leakage checking is another mistake that non-professional servicing companies make. It is vital to check refrigerant leaks as it can increase your bills.

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